FAQ – frequently asked questions

How much does a wedding band cost?

The price of a wedding band depends on the number of members, the distance to the location, the required equipment and the length of the performance. Furthermore, the price of a professional band is higher than that of a hobby band as, due to their long-term education, they can offer higher quality, are more flexible and have developed a perfect sense for which kind of music best suits each individual situation.

For a trio playing at a wedding ceremony and a following reception for three hours, you can expect €1400-1600.
The price for a four-man band and a performance of app. six hours ranges from €2500-3000.

Which parts of a wedding party can the band accompany?

A wedding band can play at the ceremony, the reception, the kidnapping of the bride, at dinner and at the party; experienced bands adapt their style of music and the number of musicians to each individual occasion.

For the ceremony and the afternoon reception, three musicians are enough, while the fourth member can join them for the party in the evening. That way, the price for the bridal couple is lowered.

How much space does a wedding band need?

3 members: 3x3m
4 members: 4x3m
5 members: 4x4m

Which songs does a wedding band play?

A good wedding band has developed a wide and versatile repertoire of songs and styles and can adjust to your needs.
For the ceremony, every band should have a list of songs they are acquainted with and should offer to learn some of the couple’s favorites, too. In the evening, they should have good intuition as to which music fits your party best. You should always be upfront and tell them what kind of music you would like to hear at your party

Welche Technik braucht eine Hochzeitsband?

Jede gute Band hat ihre eigene Technik und ein oder mehrere Mitglieder in der Band, die sich perfekt mit dem Equipment auskennen und es auf alle Eventualitäten am Tag der Hochzeit einstellen kann. Dazu gehören Anlage, Mischpult, Mikrophone und Licht. Hierfür reicht normaler Weise normaler Strom und es wird kein Starkstrom benötigt.

How long does a band take to set up?

Depending on the required equipment, a band takes around 1-2 hours to set up.

How long can a wedding band play?

A good wedding band should be able to adjust the length of their performance to your liking. Whether that may be a whole day starting with the ceremony at 2 p.m until the party finishes at 2 a.m. or only for two hours during the reception: the band should have a repertoire wide enough to adjust to your needs. Many bands also offer to extend their performance spontaneously for one or two hours.