FAQ – frequently asked questions

How much does booking you cost?

That depends on several variables like date, location, play time and requested songs. As an approximation, an evening of 4 hours costs 3200€. You can add the acoustic-trio upfront (for the ceremony, the reception or the coffee) starting at 990€.

How does booking you work?

You fill in the booking form on the homepage, which asks for all the essential information, and we will get in touch with you after 1 or 2 days, either with an offer or with questions to clarify your details. When you have decided to book us, you get a contract in which we pin down all the details. After we received the copy with your signature on it, you get a bill for the deposit and the date is secured. Remaining details will be arranged via mail or phone as soon as you have everything planned.

Do you travel long distances?

Of course, we have already been in Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate, Italy or Austria and love getting around! Because we are 4 musicians we can share 1 car with a trailer for our equipment. However, most of the weddings are in a circle of 100km around Regensburg, here the traveling costs are already included in our rate. For longer distances, we have to charge additional traveling costs and potentially an overnight stay.

How long do you play at the latest?

The trio starts either at the ceremony or the reception, the band starts after dinner. Most weddings end at midnight or 1 o’clock. Our experience confirms that this is absolutely sufficient, because your guests will have been partying, eating and drinking all day by then. There is a possibility of playing longer spontaneously for an additional cost, but we can only tell right in the moment if that’s possible.

Do you play bavarian songs and schlager music?

No. We also like to be at Oktoberfest in our spare time, but music-wise, the Whoobers pursue a clear line - modern and mostly english-speaking rock & pop music.

Do you do the German tradition „Kidnapping of the bride“?

No, we do not. After many of them we have decided that it just doesn’t agree with the rest of our concept and that you don’t need it for a beautiful wedding.

Can I book the trio for the night?

The acoustic trio is mainly for background music: at the reception, at the afternoon, for a summer lounge vibe. At night we only play with the trio, if no dancing or party music is requested. If that is requested, you should choose the band.

What do you need for playing at our wedding?

We only need space (trio 2x2m, band 3x3m), electricity (230V, no heavy current) and catering. And obviously, a parking lot for the car and for the trailer.

How long do you need to setup?

Trio 15-20 minutes, band 1 - 1,5 hours.

Can you learn our opening dance?

You can either choose a song from our repertoire or send us a requested song, that’s no problem. Exotic wishes like songs with a brass section, a string section or organ are not possible with our instruments, but we can put on the original recording for you.

Can you learn several songs for us?

It’s no problem that we learn a requested song for the ceremony or your opening dance. More than that can be booked for additional cost.

Can you learn every song that exists?

As mentioned above, sometimes there’s request that we have to decline because they are simply not possible with our line up. But that is the exception and there’s still the possibility to play back the original recording through our PA.

Can you send us a recording of our requested song?

We’re sorry but we can’t do this, because we don’t do rehearsals or recordings in the middle of the season. But we can agree on a existing recording of that song that we stick to as close as possible.

Can we put on a playlist through your PA after your gig?

Usually the packing up takes 30 to 60 minutes. In this window, you can put a playlist on. If we have a hotel at your wedding, we can arrange to leave the PA there until the next morning.

Can your play time be extended spontaneously at night?

We have to decide that spontaneously, depending on how much songs we have left, how far we have to drive home or whether our singer’s voice is up for it.

How long in advance do we have to book you?

Especially the saturdays from middle of April to end of October are very sought after. Single dates are sometimes available longer than others, but usually 1 to 1,5 years in advance are recommended. Week days, Fridays and holidays are often possible even spontaneously.

„Band XYZ would play for have the price, why is that?“

Our price is shaped mainly by the facts that we are full time musicians, have completed years of education, have bought expensive equipment and get 6-8 enquiries for every Saturday in the summer. If another band is cheaper, that may have many reason: they have less enquiries, or for them music is a hobby and not a profession, they may have a shorter drive or less musicians...

Band or DJ?

For the main attraction on a wedding it’s definitely a band. You can book a DJ afterwards, but the live music as a show act will be something your guests will talk about for a long time.

Can we watch you play live some time?

By now, public concerts are very rare for us because our calendar is so full. Sometimes we play at the Craft Beer Festival or the Wine Fest in Regensburg, but mainly we play private events. There it’s unfortunately not possible to watch us play. Because of this, we have many videos uploaded on our homepage or on YouTube. 99% of the bookings are carried out solely after watching our videos.